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“Matt Sison is the guy who other therapists go to when they have problems. I have seen him work with the most difficult cases imaginable, cases that other therapists have given up on, and he works magic. More importantly, he has done his own work, he’s faced his demons, and has come out on the other side as an embodiment of love, caring, sincerity, but most of all peace. I absolutely love his Perfect Affirmation system, which is a synthesis of hypnosis, hypnotherapy regression, Emotional Freedom Techniques, affirmations, yoga, meditation, martial arts, and a whole lot more.
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Matt’s system is worth its weight in gold.”
Eric B. Robins, MD
Urologist and Mind-Body Healing Expert
Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You, and The Power of Prana

Bring your body and mind back into balance

Achieve goals with more ease and joy

Feel more peace and serenity

Obtain clarity

Develop intuition

Achieve laser beam focus

Improve sales success

Increase self-confidence

Live with more self-esteem

Discover authentic forgiveness

Improve sports performance

Overcome food issues

Allow for more ease of mind

Release an ex

Heal your past

And much more…

Medical conditions require a physician referral.
I must admit I feel like a new person, rejuvenation. I just want to say thank you for the experience. It was the most fearful and best thing I have ever done for my life. It was definitely worth it.

Already with my first week of training I can feel a difference. I am more energized and sustain stamina for longer periods… regardless of football my life has definitely been changed, understood, and improved. Take care…and may God bless you always! Until the next time.”

D’Wayne Bates, Pro Football player
“I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and had been given Paxil.

I was in a constant state of unbridled panic. I awoke every morning with heart palpitations and found I had to leap from bed only to pace for an hour or two just to calm down enough to think.

Within the first month with Matt I was able to breathe normally again, go to work without breaking into tears; and wake up without feeling as though I was having a heart attack.

I no longer have panic attacks! I am a new person now. I can see the magic in my world again thanks to Matt and his loving dedication to helping me.

Karen P.
n the past, when normal life situations causing upset or sadness would arise, there was a fricking Ferrari dump-truck load of pain that they would trigger, causing a very challenging and usually long road back to emotional equilibrium.

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the work I did with you has ended that experience.

I was afraid of my emotions in the past to some extent, afraid of spiraling into a dark hole. Now I can feel them and allow them to pass.
It’s incredibly empowering and I have YOU to thank.

Daniel Y.

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